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This blog dedicated to Bonnie Wright, the best know of Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter. Hope you like it!

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"Coward," said Hermione, though she looked amused. "Well, it was a bad night for romance all around. Ginny and Dean split up, too, Harry."
Harry thought there was a rather knowing look in her eye as she told him that, but she could not possibly know that his insides were suddenly dancing the conga.  

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New informations about Those Who Wander:

Those Who Wander is an upcoming independent comedy film written and directed by Abigail Schwarz. The film features Jacob Zachar, Bonnie Wright, Anna Holbrook, Ryan Stiffelman, Christian Coulson, Anastasia Barzee, Patrick Davis, Claire Hall-Tipping and Ryan Timberlake.


Bonnie Wright as Zoe
Jacob Zachar as Sam
Anna Holbrook as Grace (Zoe’s mother)
Christian Coulson as Spencer
Anastasia Barzee as Annabelle
Ryan Stiffelman as Danny
Patrick Davis as Joel
Ryan Timberlake as Eddy
Claire Hall-Tipping


A 19-year old Zoe sets off on a road trip, along with her best friend Sam, Sam’s roommate Spencer, Zoe’s (friends-with-benefits) lover Joel, and Danny who somehow connect his mood to his socks to Sam’s childhood home in Georgia.

But along the journey things turned from fun to troublesome, with Sam and some unresolved issues between his stepfather, Spencer continuously interfering with Zoe and Sam’s childhood best friend Trey, who wants to create differences between Zoe and Sam.

A fierce battle was raging inside Harry’s head

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(1/?) Harry Potter couples

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Bonnie Wright on vacation in Italy with her new boyfriend, Simon

Review: ‘The Moment of Truth’ with Bonnie Wright by SnitchSeeker

Southwark Playhouse is the venue, playing host to ‘The Moment of Truth’, a rather intimate and warm setting, and you could immediately gauge upon entering the theatre, that the actors would be just feet away from the audience, making it just that much more personal, and also the chance to really show what they can do.

The premise of the story; “A republic is poised to fall. The only remaining members of an unpopular government are its cynical Prime Minister and a naïve, emotional Foreign Secretary. The invading army has it’s boots upon the soil of this crumbling nation. Inside the cabinet office, toy soldiers and old icons of military glory veil the realities of war and bloodshed. Death, in a moment of truth was never so real.”

Bonnie Wright, in her debut play, takes on the character of the Colonels daughter; she has herself thirteen names, which she recounts in splendid fashion. The colonel as mentioned in the premise is an “old icon of military glory” and is brought in to try and help the government in their stage of bargaining with their conquerors, yet he is presented as a senile war vet, who is aided by his nurse. Bonnie’s character, is that of a lost and troubled young woman, her husband has defected to the opposing side, who eventually invade. She proclaims her love to him, tears streaming down her face, but he does respond to her, instead opting to serve his country. Her emotions are once again swayed, she pleads with the remaining members of the government not to bring her father into it, all the while, her father the colonel, can’t even bring himself to look at her, or acknowledge her as his daughter.

As I mentioned, the venue is very intimate, and it provides a great chance for the actors to show what they can really do, and they didn’t disappoint. From the moment Bonnie appeared, her presence was felt, she stood out amongst a cast of mainly strong men with booming voices. She held nothing back, and allowed herself to become the character, and you could really see it. A much more mature actress now, she still brought the quality of youth with her, a combination I believe will see her do extremely well in any future acting endeavours.

The climax of the show saw the Colonel, played fantastically by Rodney Bewes, and his daughter, (Bonnie) battle it out in a fight of emotions and despair, with the colonel seemingly beyond help, and his daughter at wit’s end having gone through such trauma’s of war. The tables turn, and the daughter succumbs, Bonnie performance is beautiful, and we are left with an image that echo’s the theme of the whole play, “Death, in a moment of truth was never so real.”

The first and last pages of the photobook from the DVD box set.

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The Moment of Truth stills

WhatsOnStage interview with Bonnie Wright

What drew you to the play?
Firstly that it was written by Peter Ustinov, who has always been a fascinating figure within the arts for me - he was a master of so many forms. Although written in 1950’s, the themes are very relevant for an audience today.
Did you enjoy rehearsals?
My first few days I felt like I was speaking a foreign language, whilst trying to stay afloat in the middle of the ocean. But I am loving every moment of the challenge, every day I feel like I am evolving in some way. The rest of the cast have been fascinating to work with.
What do you make of the new Southwark Playhouse?
I think it’s a great theatre that is always showcasing new talent. The space is also incredibly versatile and unique.
Do you identify with your character at all?
Not at all and that’s why I love playing her.
What made you want to make your stage debut?
It has always been an art form that I have wanted to explore, and I feel that now was the right time professionally and personally to do it.
What did you learn from your Harry Potter experiences?
Everything. It was the foundation for my career.
Were you something of a celebrity at school?
Not really. I was very lucky that my peers and teachers treated me just the same.
What made you want to become an actress in the first place?
I think what really motivated me to get into acting at first was my desire as a child to have a stab at anything wholeheartedly, without any fears.
Would you like to do more stage acting after The Moment of Truth?
What’s next?
After I finish the play I am going to have a short break in Italy. I then get back to London for the release of The Sea - a film I shot at the end of last year. I then have a few projects in the pipeline.
The Moment of Truth runs at the Southwark Playhouse until 20 July

today is The Moment of Truth preview and Bonnie is on stage right now and omg, I’m so nervous for her. I know she’s going to be amazing, but still…

can’t wait to see the reviews


Bonnie at a friend’s birthday (06.24.13)